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Please do not send cash.

Send us money through PayPal and contact us to let us know where you would like the donation to be applied.

Send a cheque or make a transfer (write for details) with a note stating where you would like the donation to be applied.

  •     District of Asia (all the missions)
  •  Philippines (Manila Priory / Manila School/ Brothers' Novitiate / Sisters' Novitiate / Davao Priory)
  •  India (Priory / School / Orphanage / Reparation Sisters)
  •  Sri Lanka (Mission)
  •  Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia (Missions)
  •     Japan / Korea (Missions)
  •  Other (specify).

Donation by cheque from:

Australia : please make cheques to “The Society of St. Pius X” in AUD and send to:

The Asian Missions, c/o 20 Robin Crescent, WOY WOY, NSW 2256 , Australia.

USA : please make cheques payable to “SSPX Foreign Mission Trust – Asia” in USD and send to:

Regina Coeli House, 11485 N. Farley Road, Platte City, MO 64079, USA.

UK : please make cheques payable to “The Society of St. Pius X” in GBP and send to:

The Asian Missions, c/o St. George's House, 125 Arthur Road, Wimbledon SW19 7DR, U.K.

India : for cheques of more than USD 30 in any currency, please make payable to “Bright Social Service Society” and send to:

Priory of the Most Holy Trinity; 8A/3 Seevalaperi Road, Annie Nagar, Palayamkottai, TN 627 002, India.

All Other Countries : please make cheques payable to “SSPX” in any currency and send to:


Priesterbruderschaft St.Pius X, Menzingen, 6313, Switzerland.


St. Pius X Priory, 286 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574402                   Tel.: [65] 6459 0792 Fax: [65] 6451 4920

                         or make a bank transfer to the Euro “SSPX Asia” bank account: FR13 3000 2072 3300 0007 9201 B65 [CRLYFRPP]