Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Palayamkottai

December 10, 2018
Source: District of Asia

Magister adest et vocat te!

The master is here and calls for you (John 11:28)

Deep down in the heart of many, no matter how varied soever our capacities and talents, how different soever our nationalities and time, there is in us, sometimes only faintly, other times too strange to decipher, an indescribable desire to answer the call of this wonderful Master.

Many have ignored the call, many have misunderstood it, and many have scorned it; but it is there – Vocat te! His call. Very few have answered positively and responded, “Here I am”. This miracle of souls moving forward and upward towards the Infinite Good has become very rare. But providentially it has not become extinct.

This is exactly what we witnessed in our chapel on the feast of the Immaculate Conception – a precious gift from our Blessed Mother, no doubt.

The day so eagerly desired and so anxiously prepared for by the mission finally arrived. Two priests made their perpetual engagements in the SSPX, one sister pronounced her final vows in the Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart and two sisters made their first vows in the Consoling Sisters.  All these happened in a Solemn High Mass sung by Rev. Fr. Emmanuel du Chalard and assisted by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture (as deacon) and by Rev. Fr. Robert Brucciani (as sub-deacon).

The final vows of Sr. Maria Immaculata did make a lasting impression on all the faithful as it is first of its kind in our mission.  Obviously, these final vows are a crowning gift of her perseverance in the religious life for all these years and confident trust in the Sacred Heart in continuance of His loving care during the years to come until she meets her Spouse in a land no longer strange. We naturally joined with her feeling of joy and immense gratitude for this beautiful grace.

Today will always be remembered by all, as the day when the Master came not to conquer but to claim! He came unto His own and His own received Him!

Today we join the choir of many generations of ardent religious souls that have hearkened to the call of the Master and responded positively.

Today we thank our beloved founder who has enkindled in all of us the true spirit of religion. Through him we have been blessed with access to the ‘source of all light’!

To all our dear young men and young ladies, let me leave this message in your inbox: ‘Magister adest et vocat te!’

Fr. Therasian Babu