Non est inventus similis illi…

June 07, 2019
Source: FSSPX Spirituality

A nice little fête is got up at a single day’s notice by our talented boys to render a fitting farewell for Fr. Conrad Daniels on June 5, 2019. He in turn, treated us with an outstanding speech on the subject he is well versed and interested in – Mgr. Marcel Lefebvre!  The panegyric of Mgr. Lefebvre by Rev. Fr. Daniels brought out forcibly the characteristic traits of Archbishop’s sanctity and humility, joined to an intense spirit of faith.  In the office for the feast of a Confessor Pontiff we read “Non est inventus similis illi, qui conservaret legem excelsi”. Our beloved founder has won the affection and confidence of all for he truly believed in charity.  No wonder that his memory is held in great awe and veneration. Dankie, liewe Vader!!