15 Years of Grace

Source: District of Asia

Cor Jesu, bonitatit amore plenum – Miserere nobis

Dear Friends in Christ,

15 years of service CorJesu, bonitatit amore plenum – Miserere nobis. Thanks be to God, who is full of goodness and love, for guiding us these 15 years since the orphanage was started in 2000 October in Cuddapah, A.P. and thanks to you for all you have done for us for the last 15 years!! Yes, it is already 15 years since the orphanage was started and also it is 10 years since we first met the Consoling sisters of the Sacred Heart in Italy. Pray that we may always remain faithful to Our Lord and may always do His Holy Will.

Baptism of Maria Regina: In His goodness, God not only gave His life for us, but has made us His children by giving us the gift of faith – the precious gift of all, worth more than all the treasures of the earth.

The last gift we could give to Fr. Brucciani before he left India is the baptism of Maria Regina.

Good bye to Fr. Brucciani: “They that wait upon the Lord.. They that serve Him all their days.. They will soar on Eagle’s wings” – Is 40:31 As a token of their love and gratitude the sisters made an Albfor him. Each stitch had been a prayer! A lace in one month using all their talents! Each stitch has been offered as a prayer for Fr. Brucciani. The sisters were helped by the volunteers and even by the cooks who would finish their cooking fast so that they can help in making the lace.

Sharing the goodness of Our Lord: Many volunteers have come here to help us and to show their love for the old people and the children.

May God bless them all and all of you who help us with your prayers.

 In Jesus and Maria,
Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart