2nd report on Chennai Flood Relief

Source: District of Asia

On 26 December 2015 another distribution of support for the flood victims took place in the presence of Fr. Karl Stehlin.

This day another 40 - 50 families received food and other daily life supply as well as a INR1000 donation each. The main distribution took place in front of St. Mathias Catholic Church, Ashok Nagar, Chennai. This was a security measure, because it is dangerous to make such distributions in the suburbs themselves, where it is impossible to help all the thousands of people. And those who could not be helped would be jealous and the situation amongst the inhabitants would not be good.

The parish priest and the local Saint Vincent of Paul Society thanked Fr. Stehlin deeply for the generous support.

Fr. Stehlin was able to visit several houses in one of the most affected suburbs and bless the faithful, who were very thankful for the physical and spiritual help.

Even the poorest places were adorned with a simple Christmas crib ... and the faithful, inspite of having a very difficult life, thanked the Lord and his heavenly mother for having protected their lives.

Already before Christmas other distributions had taken place. In January the rescue committee (see photo after the Mass celebrated in our chapel) will continue the support. We intend to help another 500 families, who seem to have had no help until now.

We are grateful to our faithful, Mr. John Bosco, Mr. Basil Sneden, Ignatius, Alvin, Anthony and the whole group - all Knights of the Immaculata -  for their generous work.

This rescue apostolate makes the Catholic Tradition known amongst many people, and our own faithful are strengthened thanks to the generosity of the traditional Catholics.

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