3rd report on Chennai Flood Relief

Source: District of Asia

The flood has also affected PALAYAMKOTTAI (priory) and TUTICORIN (chapel) areas. 

Just as Chennai received much rain in December, it also received a lot of attention from the media.  Our relief team did a superb job in relieving many from distress caused by the disaster. Thanks to the generosity of our very many benefactors, we were able to provide essential aid. Also the presence of Our district Superior in loco helped to stress the supernatural aspect of this operation. 

Priory: It is also to be noted that the torrential rain in the south also caused a certain amount of damage to the priory.  What we would usually receive in 3 months came down in 3 days!  The priory itself was flooded on day one.  Water rose to the level of few inches inside the big boys dormitory. A make shift sand bag lane was created for faithful to access the chapel.  The drive was badly damaged and so were many of our vehicles.  Plans are being drawn up now to make new drive with proper drainage. A small reservoir to collect extra water is also on the cards.

Tuticorin:  While the city suffered the most after Chennai and Cudaloor, we were still somehow able to say mass every Sunday. The water did come inside the Chapel, but the stony floor did not let the water do much damage. 
The paving outside the chapel, however, was washed away. New paving is being laid as we speak. Our faithful are most grateful for this kind gesture.

Fr. Stehlin is visiting the priory this week (18 January) and he will authorise the other re-construction plans in the south.

Once again I thank our dear benefactors for their timely support. May their generosity not only help us re-build these material edifices but also the indipensable spiritual edifice.

Instaurare omnia in Christo!

Fr. Therasian Babu