The burning cathedral of Notre-Dame

Source: District of Asia

Everyone is amazed that the Cathedral of Paris has gone up in smoke. But few have so far wondered that the entire spirit and practice of Catholicism in France has long gone up in smoke.

The data are known, and it is useless to repeat them. France, considering its past, its secular tradition, and the fact that it claims to be "the firstborn daughter of the Church", is perhaps the most significant example of the crisis of contemporary Catholicism and of how it wanted to move away from its roots.

Notre-Dame, the center of French Catholicism, has gone up in smoke.

Certainly, the causes may have been random. We don't know. The fact remains, however, that elementary faith teaches that … God does not move a leaf that God does not want, or ... allow (in which case it is not excluded that in some cases God may also want it).

This is the beginning of Holy Week. An Italian priest living in Paris, interviewed on Radiouno, said that everything was by now planned for the Chrism Mass on Wednesday and for some priestly ordinations (an event now rare in French Catholicism) that were to be celebrated in the Cathedral itself. And now we don't know where they will have to be done.

There are those who cried... at least that's what they said. The art historian Philippe Daverio and the historian Franco Cardini had no hesitation in saying so, finding themselves present in those hours and seeing the central spire go down.

Yeah!... the spire. The spire that means elevation, that is, the profound sense of striving towards God; and that, in the case of the spire of Notre-Dame, is the symbol of an entire people and of an entire tradition that rises to God, who chooses God!

But today that people and that nation no longer choose God. On the contrary, France represents (always in consideration of how and how much it has denied its past) the political and cultural reality that is the spokesman of instances in which one praises the forgetting of God and the death of the natural and eternal law, in favor of a culture that is increasingly liquid, dissolving and relativistic.

Symbolically, the fire of Notre-Dame is something that takes note of a fact, that is, of an indisputable fact: that by now the desert of the burnt earth is the most appropriate image of what has happened in France - but not only in France.

For those who manage to keep faith with an intelligence of reality, the only one capable of understanding the true meaning of events, will ensure that the ashes of Notre-Dame are not the last and definitive "words" of an apostate world, but a ferment for rebirth.

The old peasants knew well that with ashes the soil could be made more fertile.

With these ashes, then, a civilization can be restored!

Translated from SSPX Italy