Colombo: Rosa Mystica Procession

Source: District of Asia

The Children of Rosa Mystica is a Confraternity of Pious Catholic laymen founded in the archdiocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka, about 15 years ago.

Their mission is to promote the devotion to Rosa Mystica (Apparition of Our Lady in Montichiari, Italy, 13 July 1947, directed to the sanctification of the clergy with rosary prayer for the priests - not yet approved). They also promote the rosary, distribute Miraculous Medals, spread the wearing of the scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and encourage people to go to confession. As a sign of possible approval from Heaven, one of the statues in the home of the confraternity is exuding oil (from the face). This oil has caused unexplained cures, of cancers among others.

On 13 July 2017 morning, Fr Loschi from the SSPX priory in Negombo, went to Colombo to launch the yearly Rosa Mystica procession organised by the Children of Rosa Mystica as the organisers had invited him to do so. This year was particularly important as it was the 70th anniversary of the apparition. It was the first time that a priest participated in the procession which has been going on for fifteen years. For the past ten days, the Children of Rosa Mystica decorated the streets near the cathedral, the festivities starting on 1 July with the blessing and raising of the flag done by Fr Gregory Noronha.

The Chariot prepared for the statue of Our Lady was decorated with no less than two thousand beautiful fresh roses, quite an achievement considering the usual hot weather there is in Colombo. After Fr. Loschi blessed and placed the statue on the chariot, and gave a short sermon on Our Lady (it was also the anniversary of the third apparition in Fatima) everyone prepared for the procession. The faithful had over a hundred banners at their disposal to carry along, with the most impressive effect.

Between three to four hundred people joined in the procession at the beginning. They would have been much more had it not been a week day. About one thousand people are connected to the Children of Rosa Mystica in Colombo, more through Facebook as they reach Srilankans from many other countries. The love of the faithful for Our Lady was moving; one can witness the same experience at the La Naval Procession in Manila apart from the fact that the Srilankans pray during the whole procession. Just before the launch of the procession, the wooden statue's face exuded oil although it was completely dry when the priest carried it out of the house, a touching sign of Our Lady's love and blessing for a very auspicious day.