The Consecration Of India To The Sacred Heart

Source: District of Asia

A plenary council is a rare event in the ecclesiastical history of a country.  The 1st plenary council of India was held in Bangalore (January 6, 18, 1950).  And on the last day, Jan 18 at the solemn closing session, the hierarchy wished to use the opportunity of this unique meeting to consecrate their flock and the whole of India to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  After the sermon (of Msgr. Gracias), the fathers of the council all together, recited the following act of consecration:

O Lord Jesus Christ, who hast revealed the attractions of Thy Sacred Heart and made it known as the seat of Thy love for men and the centre of all that is lovely and perfect, deign to accept this Consecration of the nation, which the Hierarchy of India together with the Clergy, the Religious and the Faithful committed to their care, united with their fellow-citizens in the bonds of one great family, offer to Thy adorable Heart.

Also to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Thy chosen tabernacle and the sanctuary of Thy virtues, we consecrate ourselves and implore her, as our Advocate and Mediatrix, to present before Thy throne this solemn offering of our country, ancient in the profession of Thy Name and zealous in the propagation of Thy Church.

Mindful of Thy promises to chosen souls and heartened by the knowledge of their fulfilment among individuals and families, communities and nations, we firmly believe that through this corporate act of worship and love the Church and the Nation will be the privileged beneficiaries of Thy wisdom and knowledge, Thy goodness and love, Thy life and holiness.

Thou knowest, O God of Love, that our one earnest desire is to glorify Thy Sacred Heart, and to repair the outrages committed against Thy Divine Majesty. Be pleased then to pour out Thy Holy Spirit on this Plenary Council so that through our prayers and labours, however imperfect, Thy Name in this land may be the better known, Thy Law the more faithfully observed, Thy priests and people the more sanctified, Thy kingdom the more widely extended, Thy Heart the more generously loved, and the sinfulness and ingratitude of man the more deeply atoned for.

Realizing that our love and worship of Thy Sacred Heart is the measure of our sanctification and zeal, grant that through the Immaculate Heart of Thy Mother and ours, we may possess a love so generous that it may transform us and give us new life; a love so ardent that it may enkindle the souls of those confided to our care; a love so insatiable that all work and suffering may be as fuel to feed its flame until our last breath.

May we who are united to Thee and to the Immaculate Heart of Thy Mother, most loving and admirable, find the fulfilment of all our desires in eternal union with Thee and her in Heaven. Amen.