Cor Jesu - Issue no. 3 - Dec 2015

Source: District of Asia

The wonders of Christmas!


Our little princess, Varshita, wonders how God could have become a Man, whose life on earth is as fleeting as a bubble!

It is sad but true that Christmas no longer captivates the world with the same wonder it once did.  For many decades there has been a slow and gradual secularisation of this High Feast.  Nothing is sacred to modern man; Christmas is no exception.  This Holy Feast day has been completely dismantled, refashioned to suit the diabolical sensibilities of a politically correct world.  Mankind desires a different kind of Christmas.  A Christmas without Christ, without the Mass, without Virginity.  Today, the world no longer marvels at Christmas because it has dethroned Christ.

The War on Christmas has consequences in our own lives.  Do our own families still understand the importance of the Nativity?  Do they grasp the seriousness of Christmas?  Do we, like the Holy Shepherds, kneel in awe at the marvellous reality taking place before our eyes?  If, dear faithful, Christmas no longer holds the same place in our lives, it is because Christ no longer occupies the center.  Without Jesus at the heart, the reality is no longer super-natural – but natural. 

People often stare in wonder at things that are enormous in physical size.  They are astounded before the might and power of Niagara Falls.  Before such an enormous phenomenon, man feels exceptionally small.  He feels miniscule before such unstoppable might, standing speechless with eyes gaping and jaw hung wide.  It is precisely this “littleness” which enables him to wonder!  It is the same for every great structure which dwarfs man – St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Burj Khalifa Building in Dubai, the Pyramids in Egypt.  Standing beside these man-made structures, people feel small.

If we apply this to our Faith, we might consider that the reason we are no longer astonished by the Divine Operation in our lives is because we have little consideration for the greatness of God.  We lack the “littleness” of a child. We somehow think God is equal to man. This false notion of God has crept even in our lives by thinking whatever he has done is somehow due to us. Is it? If we are invited to visit Him in the crib, is it because we are great and ‘deserve’ such an honor?

In order to properly appreciate the Mystery of Christmas, let us humble ourselves like a child, and pray to God saying: “Oh, great and holy God, we are unworthy of the graces we have received!”

Venite adoremus! Come, let us adore Him!! Come and see what God is doing in that manger! Now you will wonder at Almighty God who became a tiny babe that we might understand the inestimablegreatness of being little.

Thank you, dear friends and benefactors.  May you have a merry (and blessed) Christmas!

Fr. Therasian

Cor Jesu - Issue no. 3 - Dec 2015