Cor Jesu | Jan - Feb 2018

Source: District of Asia

Dear Fathers, Sisters and Faithful,

The Liturgy often calls the mystery of the incarnation an “exchange”: God assuming in our nature, and in exchange rendering us partakers of the divine nature (1 Pet. 1: 4).  The exchange took place in Mary’s womb.  In the first antiphon of Lauds, on the feast of the Circumcision, the Church sings: “O wonderful exchange, the Creator of the human race assumed a loving body, and deigned to be born of a virgin; and having been born of a virgin mother, He bestowed on us His Divinity”.  God, the source and author of all good, takes the initiative, Mary utters her Fiat, and through Mary the ineffable “exchange” is accomplished.  The Son of God has become Son of man; and “to as many as received him, he gave the power to be made the sons of God” (Jn. 1: 12).  His body, through which He has become like us, is the instrument through which the exchange has been accomplished, and through which He makes us like unto Himself and partakers of His divine nature.  A like exchange, intimately connected with the incarnation, is accomplished in the sacrifice of the Mass and in Holy Communion: we offer our gifts of bread and wine; God changes them into the Body and Blood of His Son, and gives them back to us to be the food and life of our souls.  These are the sacred mysteries, which we celebrate daily, and which nourish our supernatural life.  It is to these mysteries we are invited constantly and daily. May this year teach us to draw many graces from these mysteries! But remember your ‘drawing’ level depends on your ‘giving’ level. Let us then give ourselves totally so as to receive Him who is everything for us!

May the Immaculata bless you all.

You can find the latest (and updated) version of Cor Jesu here. We have added more pages and changed its style. I am hoping to make it available on hard copies as well.

In Christo,

Fr. Therasian Babu