Militia Immaculatæ - Asia - Letter No.4

Source: District of Asia

Let us prepare ourselves for the great anniversary of 2017.

Dear Knights of the Immaculata!

Allow me to inform you, that we just finished the annual priests' meeting of the district of Asia in Manila. The theme of the meeting was: “Towards 2017”. We all are aware that 2017 will be a crucial year of anniversaries: 500 years of Protestantism, 300 years of Freemasonry, 100 years of Communism on the one hand, 100 years of Fatima apparitions and establishment of the Militia Immaculatæ on the other hand. We are fully aware, that in comparison with the gigantic armies of the enemies of our salvation we are nothing. As Saint Maximilian Kolbe often said, we are only miserable zeroes. If you put many zeroes together, the result will be always zero (00,000 ... = 0). But just put a 'one' before the zeroes, you will have a complete different result: 1,000,000... The “one” is the Immaculata, we are the zeroes.

Therefore, what depends on us and our small possibilities should be done: to commemorate the anniversary of Fatima, we have to know more than ever before the requests of Our Lady, when she appeared to Lucy, and Blesseds Francesco and Jacinta. However, it is not sufficient to know the whole message of Fatima well, we have to do what Mary requires: 2017 must become THE year of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Militia Immaculatæ must motivate us, HER knights, to become more than ever faithful  “instruments in Her immaculate hands”, so that She can pour out the innumerable graces of conversion and sanctification she received from Her Divine Son on her beloved children. She wants so much to save them from hell and damnation, from error and sin, but there is a condition: her instruments must “pray and make sacrifices for them”.

We must have an immense desire to win to our Mother as many souls as possible as a token of gratitude for the anniversaries of HER miraculous interventions. As a goal we would like to offer her AT LEAST 100,000 new knights until the 13 October 2017.

In order to achieve these goals (personal sanctification through deep devotion to Her Immaculate Heart and apostolic work of conversion following the example of Saint Maximilian Kolbe and all the generous Knights of the Immaculata in the past) we have to prepare ourselves. The festivities of 2017 will start on 13 May 2017 and finish on 8 December 2017.

The headquarters of the SSPX are about to set up an international program to which we add a special program for the Asian district, (if it is God's Will) beginning with the Consecration of the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Saint Bernard Novitiate in Iloilo, Philippines, followed by prayer crusades, parish missions, processions, pilgrimages, retreats and recollections, solemn consecrations etc.).

In order to prepare for these solemnities, it was decided to organize a novena, not only of nine days, but of 9 months starting from 13 August 2016 and ending on 13 May 2017.  All traditional Catholics should be fully involved in that preparation, but particularly the KNIGHTS of the Immaculata should commit themselves to this novena.

We want you to become APOSTLES OF FATIMA with 3 goals:

  1. To faithfully fulfil the requests of the Immaculate Heart in Fatima,
  2. To study thoroughly the message of Fatima and the whole truth about OUR LADY and understand the role of the Immaculata in the latter times,
  3. To spread this knowledge among other people and with Her help to find each of you 100 souls to become Knights of the Immaculata.  More precisions of becoming APOSTLE OF FATIMA will be sent to you in the next few months. Of course, nobody forces you to such a commitment, it is left to your own decision, and to how generous and zealous a Knight of the Immaculata you want to be.

But from this moment on I humbly ask you to pray for these intentions: the time is about to come, when SHE desires to give immense graces to Holy Mother Church and the whole world. She always does on Her anniversaries. But under the condition, that she finds her little army well prepared. And the best preparation is according to her own words “prayers and sacrifices”.

Wishing you many graces for this Holy Lent, I send you my blessings and inform you, that every FIRST SATURDAY I celebrate the Holy Mass for all your intentions.

Yours thankfully in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

Fr. Karl Stehlin

News from the MI ASIA:

  1. From 8 December 2014 to 1 March 2015 213 knights have been enrolled in the Asian district.
  2. 7 new knights were enrolled in Singapore at the end of the Montfortan retreat on 7 February 2015.
  3. From 9 to 16 February several knights participated in the ROSA MYSTICA MEDICAL MISSION in Tacloban, Philippines, for the victims of the typhoons which hit that island in the past 2 years. The 60 doctors, nurses and other helpers took care of around 3500 patients; the priests could impose to almost all of them the brown scapular. Members of the Legion of Mary had catechism lessons and prayed the Rosary together with the people and many went to confession.
  4. 17 new knights were enrolled in Korea on the 22 February at the end of the first Marian recollection preached in that country.
  5. The SANCTA MARIA editors in India (Tamil Nadu) published a beautiful booklet with texts from Saint Maximilian Kolbe with the title “She Leadeth Me”. I will give you this book as a present during my next visit in your area.
  6. 2 Knights of the Immaculata will enter the seminary in Goulburn, Australia, soon: one from India, the other from Korea. Please pray for them and for many vocations among the knights.
  7. Please speak about the MI to your friends / relatives and invite them to become also knights of the Immaculata. Send them this newsletter or print it out and give it to them.


  • 28 – 29.03. SINGAPORE: LENT RECOLLECTION (Enrolment ceremony on Holy Thursday before the evening ceremonies).
  • 29.03. KUALA LUMPUR: LENT RECOLLECTION with enrolment ceremony.
  • 08.04. PALAYAMKOTTAI (INDIA): RECOLLECTION with enrolment ceremony.
  • 16.04. - 19.04. BOHOL PILGRIMAGE (PHILIPINES) with enrolment ceremony.


In the past few weeks we received many intentions of prayer. You will receive another letter with these intentions within the next weeks