Priory of the Most Sacred Heart - Palayamkottai

Source: District of Asia

Dear Friends and Benefactors,


With the approval of the General House, we are pleased to announce the name change of our priory. Henceforth, it shall be called: Priory of the Most Sacred Heart.


« This divine charity is the most precious gift of the Heart of Christ and of His Spirit: It is this which imparted to the Apostles and martyrs that fortitude, by the strength of which they fought their battles like heroes till death in order to preach the truth of the Gospel and bear witness to it by the shedding of their blood; it is this which implanted in the Doctors of the Church their intense zeal for explaining and defending the Catholic faith; this nourished the virtues of the confessors, and roused them to those marvelous works useful for their own salvation and beneficial to the salvation of others both in this life and in the next; this, finally, moved the virgins to a free and joyful withdrawal from the pleasures of the senses and to the complete dedication of themselves to the love of their heavenly Spouse. – Hauretis Aquas»


I also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support towards the Indian Mission. May God bless you.


Wishing you all every grace on this beautiful feast.


God bless,


In Christo,


Fr. Therasian Xavier