Profession of Consoling Sister

Source: District of Asia

First Profession of Sr. Maria Josephina of the Holy Rosary




Only one thing on earth matters: that the hearts of men, like those of the angels and saints in heaven, should be ablaze with love for God, burning with divine charity. This is very much missing in this world. But God does not let this disappear totally. He does himself set fire to some souls that can be consumed totally for His love.

This is exactly what we saw in the sanctuary of the Priory of the Most Holy Trinity on December 8th. One of our Consoling Sisters stepped forward to embrace the Cross of Christ for the love of Christ. Sr. Maria Josephina surrounded by priests, nuns & faithful, publicly professed her vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience‘. She did this ‘In order to return with the maximum possible generosity the love with which Jesus has love’.  Fr. Du Chalard who received her vows, promised her ‘on behalf of God’, the eternal life, provided she be ‘faithful to this promise‘(ceremoniale).

Immediately after the profession of vows, Sr. Maria Josephina was given a blessed medal and a ring. And also, to the surprise of many, she was given a crown of thorns and a cross. It is not the usual custom in very many religious communities. I agree, but symbolism remains the same.

Why this special ceremony? Why crown of thorns and cross on one‘s wedding day. Let me quote here the words of our beloved founder, as an answer:

“We cannot find Our Lord Jesus Christ here on earth unless we find Him with His cross. If we find Him, He will impose His cross upon us — “Carry thy cross and follow Me”. This is what He tells us: "If thou wish to gain eternal life, carry thy cross and follow Me.” He did not say “I will give thee happiness upon earth”, but rather He told us “Thou shalt have eternal life in heaven but first carry thy cross.”

This is why my dear sisters, do not deceive yourselves, you are beginning the way of the cross but a way of the cross, as Our Lord said “My yoke is sweet and my burden light”. Borne with Our Lord Jesus Christ in following Him, the cross becomes light. Remember that this cross assimilates us to Our Lord Jesus Christ; it makes us resemble Our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember that by His cross we participate in the redemption of the world. When our blood must flow in carrying this cross, our blood will be mixed with that of Our Lord Jesus Christ and souls will be saved.

All sufferings, the least of the smallest sufferings, are occasions to mix our blood with that of Our Lord for the redemption of the world, for the redemption of our souls. Thus, how good it is to be with Our Lord! This is why the saints and martyrs wished to suffer, they desired the cross[1].

It is why, dear readers, I humbly invite you to pray for Sr. Maria Josephina & all our Sisters that they bear the cross of Christ through which they too, can co-redeem the world.

Let us also thank God for this great grace. May He be loved & honored! Let us thank the Blessed Virgin Mary, Virgin most pure, for fostering that special love – complete surrender of oneself to God. She herself is a great model. May the Immaculata set ablaze many more souls with the same love for the Sacred Heart!

One soul is lit. Who is next?

Fr. Therasian Xavier

Palayamkottai, Dec 8th 2015


​(Photos of the ceremony)