A standard of hope: watch the new seminary video

Source: District of the USA

Watch this video that demonstrates how the SSPX's New Seminary Project is an encouraging sign of hope for the Catholic Church.

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary (currently still at Winona, Minnesota) has just created another video about its New Seminary Project under construction in Virginia: A Standard of Hope.

As the video's title suggests, the New Seminary Project is not just about brick and mortar, but more importantly, it is about providing an ideal environment for the formation of Catholic priests who are crucial for the salvation of souls—especially at a time when there is a crisis of the priesthood in the Church.

Below is a sampling of the comments you will hear during the video that demonstrate the significance of the New Seminary Project.

What we're witnessing is what the Church has always done in a time of great crisis, in a time when priests no longer understand what it means to be a priest and even in a time when the Catholic Church at large has perhaps forgotten—how precious the priesthood is.

So much is invested in this new seminary because, for the Society of St. Pius X, our sole goal is the formation of priests.

The building of such a seminary is like a standard of victory, and a standard of hope for the whole world.

We helped clean and prepare Ridgefield to receive the seminary, and then outgrew that. We had to move to Winona—and, by the grace of God, we’re now in the position where we need another seminary.

The fact that we have had to find a new way to house them, the fact that we’ve outgrown the current seminary is absolutely a sign of hope for them; I’d say a great encouragement not only to them as faithful but also to us as priests.

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