Thank you once again .... St. Bernard Novitiate, Philippines

Source: District of Asia

Dear Friends and Benefactors

Since my last letter to you, much has happened. But first of all we wish to thank you for your generous donations. We repay you by praying for all your intentions.

Everybody, it seems, has been deeply affected by the pandemic. Shortly before the breakout, the artists asked me if I had any work for them. Indeed, good artists are always welcome here. However, that was not in the budget. So I told them they could come for a relatively small job. But, God’s ways are not our ways. So, hardly had they arrived when they could no longer return because of the “lock-down”. OK, so, they would have to continue their artwork. I think St. Joseph wanted it so. As you see in the pictures below, the apostles and way of the cross took colour. On our part, it was beautiful. Since they were here, I also asked them to teach the Brothers how to make moulds of statues. Again see below.

Other works were also done. You may remember that the altar was rather hastily done because of the approaching date of the consecration (13th May 2017). Well, you may see below that the cloud under the cross has been rectified. Actually, the altar is still not finished. Some parts need to be completed.

I must add herewith a tribute to the late Dr. Dickes from France. His great charity here in the Philippines cannot be forgotten. So many benefited from his goodness. He also brought the ACIM, medical mission, to us in St. Bernard. The Medical mission in 2013 not only benefited individuals, but benefitted the apostolate of the Novitiate also. For this reason, this morning, we offered a solemn Requiem Mass for his soul.

Please be assured of our prayers for you and all your intentions. May Our Lord and His Holy Mother bless and guide you always.

Feast of St. Raymund Nonatus

31 August 2020

Servus Mariae

Fr. C. Daniels