Video up of Acies Pro Life Rosary at St. Mary's

Source: District of the USA

We have just published a video on the Pro Life Rosary held in St. Mary's, KS on January 22nd.

The video shows how several hundred people—undeterred by the Kansas cold or snow—lined the main traffic artery of St. Mary's to pray the rosary in support of life and for the end of abortion.

The Pro Life Rosary was organized by the Acies young adult group, some of who can be heard during the video  describing the reasons behind the Catholic Action they have taken:

Hope is only gone if the good do nothing. We can make a difference, we can actually do something to combat the evils of our day...

We've lost 57 million babies that we'll never see again. So, this is raising awareness for this and at the same time asking for the graces to have it stopped. People are coming out from all over St. Marys to fight against abortion both on the natural level with the protest and more importantly on a supernatural level with the Rosary."

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