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“In vain will you build churches, preach missions, establish schools: all your works, all your efforts, if you are not able at the same time to wield the power of the press.” (Pope Saint Pius X)

If truth alone has the right to exist, then media is essentially Catholic.  We need Catholic media in order to fulfill the command of our Divine Savior, “Go and teach all nations”.  We cannot keep our light under a bushel basket.  How then can we fulfill Christ’s command in the modern age without making use of the power of the press? How can we rescue people from their errors and especially that of modernism?  As one of the Council Fathers in the First Plenary Council of India (Bangalore, 1950) put it: “Not one in a thousand can or will approach a priest for explanation: but a paper can penetrate everywhere.”  Media is here to stay, let us baptize it.

It is for this intention that our saintly founder insisted on this kind of apostolate.  In the order of priority of our activity, he gives second place to publications “dedicated the sanctification of priests.”

Sancta Maria has no other goal than what our holy Founder wanted it to be: an instrument dedicated to ‘the sanctification of priests’.  It was founded by Father Daniel Couture who commissioned Father Valan Rajakumar in 2008.  Later, the editorship was passed to Fr. Gregory Noronha in 2011 – 2012 and then on to Fr. Therasian Xavier, its current editor (from 2012).  48% of Sancta Maria’s readers are Tamil clergy.  It covers various topics from Spirituality to Liturgy to Ecclesiastical news.  It also makes a special effort to educate its readers on the crisis with which the Universal Church is now sadly affected.

Sancta Maria thanks especially its Heavenly Patroness, Mother of all priests for all her graces , and begs her to pour down more graces from Heaven to teach the minds and hearts of her priests that they may become true apostles of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

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