Knight of the Immaculata No. 17 July - September 2019


In this Issue:

P 6: St. Maximilian on the Religious Vocation
P 9: "Do you want to serve me?"
P 15: SSPX Seminaries
P 17: SSPX Brothers' Novitiates
P 18: Novitiates of the Oblates of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X
P 21: SSPX Sisters' Novitiates
P 22: Noviciate of the Missionary Sisters of Jesus and Mary of Kenya
P 24: “Ave Maria” — a new section on the General House website
P 25: A fruitful visit to Russia for the M.I.
P 28: New Knights and M.I.'s Conferences in Poland
P 29: A new issue of "Triumph of the Immaculata"
P 30: Five new Knights in Great Britain
P 30: Over 445 new Knights in France
P 31: The M.I. in the Netherlands
P 32: M.I.'s Apostolate in South America
P 33: Prayers for Sri Lanka
P 34: The 3rd Annual Pilgrimage in Chennai (India)
P 35: About the Militia Immaculatæ