Knight of the Immaculata No. 21 July - September 2020


In this Issue:

P 6: My journey to Catholicism through the Immaculata

P 11: Heaven is my Homeland

P 18: The M.I. in France

P 20: The uninterrupted M.I. Apostolate in Poland

P 21: New Knights in Poland

P 21: The establishment of the M.I. 2 — Mary's Kraków

P 22: Work of the M.I. Headquarters

P 23: The M.I. Apostolate in Dublin

P 24: New Polish publications

P 26: Booklet “My Daily Bread” in Russian

P 27: Request to the Pope

P 28: The M.I. in GB & Scandinavia District

P 29: A special present from the M.I. Headquarters

P 30: Renewal act of Consecration in Davao

P 32: The M.I. Apostolate in Central America

P 34: The M.I. Apostolate in South America

P 35: About the Militia Immaculatæ