Knight of the Immaculata No. 22 October - December 2020


In this Issue:

P  6: Divine Providence and the Immaculata

P 11: Let us be guided by Divine Providence

P 18: Be an instrument of Divine Providence for Mary

P 20: Video "Personal Consecration"

P 20: 14 new Knights in Japan

P 21: A new group of the M.I. 2 in Poland

P 21: Missions in Southern Poland — 171 new Knights

P 23: The Apostle of Mary and her new Knights

P 25: Materials for new Knights

P 26: XXVIth Traditional Catholic Pilgrimage to Jasna Góra

P 29: The M.I. Scapular Mission in the Philippines

P 30: News from District GB & Scandinavia

P 31: Booklet "Silence — the Gate of Holiness"

P 32: A new issue of the "Triumph of the Immaculata"

P 33: M.I. apostolate in Central America

P 34: New Knights in Nigeria

P 35: About the Militia Immaculatæ