Knight of the Immaculata No. 31 January - March 2023


In this Issue:

P 6: St. Maximilian about Lourdes
P 9: Immaculate heals the finger
P 10: Holy Mass
P 11: “Penance, penance, penance.”
P 13: The Annunciation — Jesus comes to a humble heart
P 20: Testimony of a Knights — Backyard accident
P 22: Important publications for passers-by
P 23: Feast of the M.I. in Warsaw
P 24: Christmas Fair
P 25: Fr. Stehlin's conference in the heart of Catholic Poland
P 27: The Asian Journey of the M.I. Director
P 30: Rosary procession with 1,000 people
P 32: New Knights in Las Vegas
P 33: Knights from a Novus Ordo parish in Lagos
P 35: About the Militia Immaculatæ