Knight of the Immaculata No. 32 April - June 2023


In this Issue:

P 6: St. Maximilian about the mediation of Our Lady

P 9: The Immaculata — the Mediatrix of Graces

P 14: Heaven opened by the practice of the Three Hail Marys

P 17: Devotion of Three Hail Marys

P 18: Is it the Power of Three Hail Marys?

P 20: Testimony of a Knight — A Miraculous Medal UNDER the mattress

P 22: Many Knights after recollection days

P 24: Singapore and Malaysia — second part of the Asian Journey

P 27: M.I. Embassy to Australia and New Zealand

P 29: The M.I. Apostolate in Tenerife

P 30: The M.I. Apostolate in Peru

P 31: Progress in District GB & Scandinavia

P 32: The M.I. channel in Youtube

P 33: More and more the M.I. Corners

P 34: New Polish publications

P 35: About the Militia Immaculatæ