Knight of the Immaculata No. 6 July - August 2017

In this Issue:

P 7: Work for the conversion of sinners

P 12: Visit of the M.I. Director in Canada and 288 new Knights

P 14: First Marian Fair in Singapore

P 16: Pilgrimage to Akita in Japan

P 16: Celebrating Our Lady of Fatima in Chennai (India)

P 18: Mary's Mission Tour

P 19: Mary's Mission Apostolate

P 24: 2nd Polish Nationwide Congress of the M.I.

P 26: Magazine "Triumph of the Immaculata"

P 27: Knights in Lithuania

P 27: New Enrolments in District GB & Scandinavia

P 28: American Knights in the Homeland of St. Maximilian

P 30: Places associated with St. Maximilian

P 31: About the Militia Immaculata