Knight of the Immaculata No. 9 Jan - Feb 2018

In this Issue:

P 9: St. Maximilian and Our Lady of Lourdes

P 16: Fatima Conference in Moscow

P 18: First enrolment into the M.I. in the Seminary in Argentina

P 20: M.I. in the Police Station (Philippines)

P 22: Fatima book in Indonesian

P 23: First enrolment into the M.I. in Spain

P 23: "Knight of the Immaculata" in French, No. 1

P 24: Rallies of the young Knights in Poland

P 25: M.I. Apostolate in Australia

P 26: The M.I. in the South Pacific

P 27: Recollection Marian Day in Chennai

P 30: Places associated with St. Maximilian

P 31: About the Militia Immaculatae