District Magazine

The magazine is a district publication with articles centered around a common theme. See descriptions of our newest books and read topics such as spirituality, Christian culture, history, faith and morals, and news from Tradition written by various authors. 


Apostle No. 31 (Sep-Dec 2011)

December 31, 2011
♦ Editorial: Y ear of the Family by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture ♦ Bishop Fellay - Letter to Friends and Benefactors no.79 ♦ St. Anthony’s Priory Wanganui, New Zealand ♦ The Dominican Sisters Wanganui, New Zealand

Apostle No. 30 (Jun-Aug 2011)

August 31, 2011
♦ Editorial: Witnesses Required by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture ♦ Interview with the Archbishop: Long lost—still fresh  ♦ New St. Joseph‘s House, Mindanao, Philippines  ♦ Orphan Business-Rosaries for a Dowry  

Apostle No. 29 (Mar-May 2011)

May 31, 2011
♦ Editorial: The Note Of Holiness Is Missing by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture  ♦ Ordinations Winona 2011: Bishop Fellay’s Sermon Excerpts  ♦ Doctrine: The Holy Trinity  ♦ Legion of Mary Avondale, New Zealand  ♦ The Dominican Sisters Wanganui, New Zeland  ♦ Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart Mother House, Vigne, Italy  ♦ Singapore: Consecration of New Altar

Apostle No. 28 (Dec-Feb 2011)

March 03, 2011
♦ Editorial: Go To Joseph by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture  ♦ Doctrine: The Hermeneutic of Ambiguity  ♦ Anyone Else For Vatican II?  ♦ Fight for Life and the Family in the Philippines  ♦ The Odyssey Ends: Round the World Cycle Tour  ♦ News from Japan: Rev. Fr. Pfluger‘s visit

Apostle No. 27 (Sep-Nov 2010)

December 01, 2010
♦ Editorial: The Unchanging Church by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture  ♦ Fight for Life and the Family in the Philippines  ♦ The Odyssey Continues: Round the World Cycle Tour  ♦ What next? Orphans after leaving school  ♦ Apostle Catalogue

Apostle No. 26 (Jun-Aug 2010)

August 31, 2010
♦ Editorial: 40th Anniversary of the SSPX by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture  ♦ The Foundation of the Society of Saint Pius X  ♦ Mgr. Gherardini-A Vatican theologian reflects upon the Society of St. Pius X  ♦ Joy In Suffering by Rose Hu  ♦ Priory of St. Bartholomew North India  ♦ The Odyssey Continues: Round the World Cycle Tour

Apostle No. 25 (Mar-May 2010)

May 31, 2010
♦ Editorial : Prayers for Vocations by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture  ♦ A Vocation Story  ♦ Another Leper and Another Christ by Hugh Sharkey S.F.M.I.  ♦ Asian District Pilgrimages for Vocations  ♦ Prayers for Priests : The Carmelites  ♦ Apostolate of Prayer For Priests

Apostle No. 24 (Dec-Feb 2010)

March 03, 2010
  ♦ Editorial: Padre Pio by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture  ♦ Vatican II : The Epilogue?  ♦ A priest‘s life in the modern Church  ♦ Joy In Suffering by Rose Hu  ♦ The Children of Mary

Apostle No. 23 (Sep-Nov 2009)

December 01, 2009
  ♦ Editorial: Rosary Crusade by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture  ♦ Pray the Rosary  ♦ Superior General’s Letter to Friends & Benefactors # 75  ♦ St. Bartholomew's Priory & School & Orphanage, North India  ♦ Campion House & St. Dominic’s School, New Zealand  ♦ Letter from China  ♦ St. Bernard Novitiate, Iloilo, Philippines  ♦ ACIM-Asia Rescue Mission - Typhoon Katsane

Apostle No. 22 Indian Mission (Jun-Aug 2009)

August 31, 2009
♦ Farewell to India by Rev. Fr. Chazal  ♦ Veritas Academy, India  ♦ Our Lady of Snows, Tuticorin  ♦ Book Review: The Spiritual Writings of CardinalMerry del Val  ♦ The Girls Órphanage  ♦ St. Pius X Priory, Singapore