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The magazine is a district publication with articles centered around a common theme. See descriptions of our newest books and read topics such as spirituality, Christian culture, history, faith and morals, and news from Tradition written by various authors. 


Apostle No. 21 Indian Mission (Mar-May 2009)

May 31, 2009
♦ Bearing Fruit ♦ Should We Teach More Science In Catholic Schools? ♦ Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Vigne, Italy

Apostle No. 20 Indian Mission (Dec-Feb 2009)

March 03, 2009
♦ The Butterfly Effect and Vocations ♦ Religious Vocations - An Unnecessary Mystery  ♦ Steps To The Priesthood ♦ Consoling Sisters: Lay the first stone in India ♦ Consoling Sisters: Reception of the Habit, Vigne, Italy

Apostle No. 19 Indian Mission (Sep-Nov 2008)

December 01, 2008
♦ It Is Easy To Be Mad  ♦ Bishop Williamson In Vasai, Bombay, Goa and Palayamkottai  ♦ New Chapel for Trichy  ♦ Consoling Sisters: Reception of the Religious Habit, Vigne, Italy

Apostle No. 18 Indian Mission (Jun-Aug 2008)

August 31, 2008
♦ Catechism - Foundations For Eternal Life ♦ Sr. Maria Immaculata Returns ♦ Festival Of St. Anthony At Singamparai ♦ New Priory For North India

Apostle No. 17 Indian Mission (Mar-May 2008)

May 31, 2008
♦ Failures and Remedies In Prayer ♦ Imprecatory Prayer ♦ Mental Prayer

Apostle No. 16 Indian Mission (Dec-Feb 2008)

March 02, 2008
♦ The Epic Adventures Of Fr. Nély : Bombay, Bassein Fort, Palayamkottai, Kerala ♦ Christmas at the priory ♦ Boys on holiday at the beach  

Apostle No. 15 Indian Mission (Sep-Nov 2007)

December 01, 2007
♦ Farewell to Fr. Patrick Summers ♦ A Day In The Life Of An Orphan ♦ Goa - The Rome Of The East ♦ Vocations In India  ♦ Missionaries On The Northern Circuit

Apostle No. 14 Indian Mission (Jan-Apr 2007)

May 01, 2007
♦ Blessing of St. Thomas the Apostle Chapel in Nagercoil ♦ Ignatian Retreats ♦ Life at the Priory

Apostle No. 13 Indian Mission (Oct-Dec 2006)

December 31, 2006
♦ Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart visit the Mission ♦ Bishop Williamson visits after 20 years ♦ All Saints Day at the Priory ♦ New orphanage land purcha

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January 30, 2000
THE APOSTLE is the magazine of the District of Asia. It brings to life the edifying, exciting and fascinating missionary apostolate of our priests, brothers and sisters, and hopes to engender a missionary zeal in its readers.