Girl's Camp

Vasai Girl's Camp

Dates: Sunday, 24 April, 9:00am - Friday, 29 April 1:00pm

Ages: 7 - 17

With the participation of the Consoling Sisters of Palayamkottai!

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Boy's Camp

Vasai Boy's Camp

Dates: Saturday, 30 April, 11:00am - Thursday, 5 May 1:00pm

Ages: 8 - 15

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The Synod: doctrinal or pastoral?

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The Synod on the Family is not so much a doctrinal synod as a pastoral synod, as was the case with the Second Vatican Council,” declared Archbishop Bruno Forte, Special Relator of the Synod on the Family, at a press conference on October 5.

Indissolubility revisited: video on Family Synod

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The question of marriage and the family is at the heart of the concerns of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops: this is a good opportunity to remember that indissolubility is one of the essential properties of marriage.

One husband and one wife for their whole life: this indissolubility is a good for the spouses themselves, but also for their children and for the entire Church.

Watch DICI's first video in this series: What is a Synod?