Response to a Kyrie Eleison Comment

Fr François Laisney’s response to Arguing awry
(Eleison Comments CDXV ― Saturday, 27th June 2015)


Fr François Laisney’s response to Arguing awry
(Eleison Comments CDXV ― Saturday, 27th June 2015)

Day of Tradition - Palayamkottai, India

Day of Tradition at the Priory of the Most Holy Trinity, Palayamkottai.

Busses will be arranged from Singamparai, Nagercoil and Christurajapuram. All the priests of India will be present (so no Masses elsewhere that day). Following Confirmations and Mass, a festive lunch will be provided followed by a conference, movie showing of the Life of Archbishop Lefebvre (in Tamil), Rosary and Benediction.

All are welcome.  Please contact the Priory for more information.

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Archbishop Lefebvre Documentary - Korean Version

File 108758966

The life of Archbishop Lefebvre is narrated in Korean from his youth, as a missionary in Africa, as Archbishop of Dakar and Apostolic Delegate for French speaking Africa, as Bishop of Tulle, and as Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers during the Second Vatican Council and finally as founder of the Society of St Pius X for the preservation and restoration of the Catholic priesthood.

October 1999 - Superior General's Letter #57

The new seminary chapel at Econe is the pride and joy of our seminarians. The Traditional movement is growing throughout the world, despite the catastrophic collapse of the Faith. Events such as the renewal of Assisi beg us to make reparation for such an affront to the Sovereign Majesty of Almighty God. The priests of Fraternity of St. Peter are now bitterly learning how naively they put their trust in the churchmen back in 1988. Dear faithful, we must keep up the good fight without tiring.

October 1995 - Superior General's Letter #49

With the 25th anniversary of  the existence of the SSPX, we look back at how Archbishop Lefebvre defended the true spirit of the priesthood which was being lost. Through this priesthood flows the Holy Mass and all the Church’s sanctity. We are blessed to live at a time when two bishops courageously defended the fullness of the priesthood.

October 1983 - Superior General's Letter #25

The Archbishop has continued the redemptive work of Christ. Vocations are increasing and new priories are opening as we attempt to answer the calls of the faithful. A true renewal in the Holy Ghost is the aim and an intense spiritual life is needed to strengthen our work.

April 1983 - Superior General's Letter #24

Priests of the North-East District of the United States have rebelled against the Society's Superiors by obstinately refusing the 1962 liturgy. After vain attempts to show that the use of this liturgy is not a danger to the faith and that it should be accepted and used, the Society has expelled the rebellious priests and re-organised the district under Father Williamson.

March 1983 - Superior General's Letter # 23

Fr Barrielle, dear to many in the Fraternity, passes into the arms of St. Joseph. Rome shows a new attitude toward the old Mass, but there are still conditions that we cannot accept. The spirit of the new Canon Law is the same as that which inspired the changing of the liturgical books namely, it exposes conciliar Ecclesiology.

February 1982 - Superior General's Letter #22

The Pope although seemingly inclined at first to grant the use of the Old Mass has been dissuaded from doing so. The Old Mass perfectly expresses the Catholic Faith and is an effective obstacle to false ecumenism whereas the New Mass is the opposite. We need good priests which requires the establishment of more schools providing a good formation.