The Synod: doctrinal or pastoral?

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The Synod on the Family is not so much a doctrinal synod as a pastoral synod, as was the case with the Second Vatican Council,” declared Archbishop Bruno Forte, Special Relator of the Synod on the Family, at a press conference on October 5.

Medical Mission - Tacloban

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Elaine Salazar 09176086614 / 09299944822

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Recollection - "Mary Our Last Hope" - Chennai

Recollection to be given by Rev. Fr. Karl Stehlin on "The Immaculate Heart of Mary - Our Last Hope".

Weekend Schedule:
Saturday 17th January

  • 15.30 Rosary
  • 16.00 Conference
  • 17.00 Rosary (Confessions)
  • 17.30 Conference
  • 18.30 Holy Mass
  • 19.15 Rosary and Benediction.

Sunday 18th January

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