1517 - 1917: The revolt of Luther and the Bolshevik revoluti

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Publication of the Letter to Friends and Benefactors of the Society of St. Pius X - No. 88

In this Letter to Friends and Benefactors, No. 88, Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, shows the profound link that unites the revolt of Luther and the revolution of October 1917: liberal laxity and state communism/socialism. "This principle aims to free men from dependence on God and the order established by him, both on the natural level and on the supernatural level". He recalls that the great anti-Christian persecutions carried out by the Communists had been announced by Our Lady at Fatima, and that she had given the supernatural remedy to all these evils.

The Debate about Amoris Laetitia Continues in Lourdes

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For Bishop Olivier de Germay, bishop of Ajaccio, who assisted at the Roman Synod on the Family, including the divorced and civilly “remarried” does not mean granting them sacramental communion.

A Theologian Is Dismissed After Criticizing the Pope

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On November 1, Fr. Thomas Weinandy, O.F.M., Cap., a former chief of staff for the U.S. bishops’ Secretariat on Doctrine and a member of the Vatican’s International Theological Commission, published a July 31 letter he wrote to Pope Francis, expressing concern about the Pope’s approach in five key areas. The very same day, Fr. Weinandy was asked to resign his position as advisor to the US bishops’ conference (USCCB) Committee on Doctrine.  

Heaven, Purgatory and Hell - A Catechism on Fatima

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The Traditional Latin Mass Community of India, Chennai was the blue eyed baby of the Traditional Catholic world on the 4th of November 2017 as it was the 2nd time this year that we had the privilege of a recollection led by Fr. Karl Stehlin the District Superior of Asia for the SSPX and the Father Director of the Militia Immaculatae. The theme he chose was “Heaven, Purgatory and hell” a Catechism from the Blessed Mother herself to the three shepherd children of Fatima. Preparations were underway at the Shrine of our Lady of Light for a day of prayer and recollection...

Inauguration of a New Benedictine Monastery

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On 14 October 2017, the historic Reichenstein monastery (Germany) was repopulated by five monks of the Benedictine Notre Dame de Bellaigue (France).

Luther, A True Reformer of the Church?

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Exactly five hundred years ago, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of his convent. This was the first decisive act by the Augustinian monk, a professor of biblical sciences at the University of Wittenberg, and the beginning of what history would come to call the Protestant Reformation.

Archbishop Lefebvre’s Last Sister Has Passed Away

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On October 17, 2017, Mme Guy Toulemonde, née Marie-Thérèse Lefebvre, the youngest sister and goddaughter of the founder of the Society of St. Pius X, breathed her last.

Testimony: A Priest in the Gulag

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Captured by the Russian army during World War II and accused of being a spy for the Vatican, Walter J. Ciszek (1904-1984), an American Jesuit, spent twenty-three years in Soviet prisons and the Siberian gulags from 1940 to 1963. One-hundred years after the Bolshevik Revolution, this book testifies to the reality of Communism.

Is the Death Penalty Contrary to the Gospel?

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On October 11, 2017, in his speech to the participants in a meeting organized by the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelization, Pope Francis declared that the death penalty is “inhumane,” an attack on “personal dignity

The Increasing Secularization of the West

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43 of the countries in the world have a State religion, and that many countries, while claiming to be secular, uphold an unofficial religion.