Christian teaching bestows on the intellect the light by which it attains truth

True Catholic education is now more vital than ever considering today’s widespread loss of faith and morality. The schools of the Society of St. Pius X are committed to providing children with a safe, healthy environment in which they can learn and grow into the strong Catholic leaders of tomorrow.

Helpful information for both current and prospective parents and students is provided below on each school’s respective page or website. Please note that some schools provide the option of full room and board.

  • Our Lady of Victory Catholic School

    • 6, Cannon road
      New Manila, Quezon City
      1112 Quezon Province

    • Phone: +63 2 721 73 43
    • Visit the website
      1. Primary school for Boys
      2. Primary School for Girls
      3. Middle School for Boys
      4. Middle School for Girls