District Superior

Fr Patrick Summers was made the new District Superior of Asia on August 2018. He is replacing Fr Karl Stehlin who had been the Superior here for 4 years already.  Fr Stehlin was sent back to Poland/Eastern Europe to be District Superior where he previously worked for 20 years. 

The Apostle Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Fr Summers.


Apostle: Welcome to the District of Asia!  Or should I say, “Welcome Back!”

Fr Summers:  Yes, thank you.  It is true that I have already worked in this great district under the legendary Fr Daniel Couture.  I was stationed in India for three years but I had also visited Sri Lanka, Manila and Singapore.


Apostle: Were you surprised to be given this new assignment?

Fr Summers:  I think it was one of the few times in my life I was at a loss for words!  I have been stationed outside of my home country for 13 years and I finally was back in the “Land of the Free” as Prior at Immaculate Conception Church in northern Idaho this last year.  I was just getting comfortable being an American in America and then I received the phone call during the General Chapter to go abroad again. 


Apostle: Do you think much has changed in the District of Asia since you have been away the last 12 years?

Fr Summers: I think that question has many answers on many levels.  The short answer is, “Yes, the apostolate of the SSPX has developed, there are more churches, more priests, more vocations and more faithful than when I left.” However, I am sure a decent-sized book could be written about all the challenges, opportunities and difficulties that go on behind the scenes.


Apostle: You have been here already several months and have been travelling quite extensively.  How do you find that aspect of your new responsibility?

Fr Summers: The travel we do by every possible means (bus, taxi, rickshaw, plane, and more) is the best way for a superior to see his priests and his district.  This district is in many ways unique in the SSPX…it is much easier for the superior to see his priests in action than to ask them to fly separately to the District HQ in Singapore.  Geographically it is a district that has many places, many cultures, many people, and many time zones! The travel is not always a bad thing…oftentimes you can get a much better understanding of the apostolate by “getting your hands dirty” and working alongside your fellow priests than by reading an official report sitting at a desk.


Contact Details

Rev. Fr. Patrick Summers

St. Pius X Priory

286 Upper Thomson Road

Singapore 574402.

Tel: [65] 6459 0792