A little message from St. Bernard Novitiate, Iloilo, Philippines

Source: District of Asia

Dear  Friends and Benefactors,

Once again, and always, a very big thank you for all your help, prayers and support, which you have so generously offered. I cannot hide it, though, that we seek your continued support. We cannot subsist without your help. However, keep in mind, that the priests and brothers offer you in return, our prayers and spiritual offerings.

The most sorrowful part of all is that we have been unable to receive young aspirants to the religious life. Politically we are forever under a “lock-down”, which, in our case, is better named a “lock-out”! There have been a few requests, even now, but we are unable to receive them. Locally we could receive, but anyone from other parts of the Philippines, and worse, from other countries, are unable to come.  It is also hard for these aspirants to persevere in their calling when they are obliged to stay at home. Well, one thing is certain; if they persevere, they will forge an unbreakable vocation. Please pray for these men.

While the financial pinch is increasing, and so also for many poor benefactors, we are striving by labour to increase the farm production. Below, some photos will tell a better story. Some years ago, one of our good priests suggested a rather strange plant, called Azola. He claimed it could serve well for feeds. Needless to say, I have heard many stories before and was not moved at that suggestion. Now, I humbly acknowledge my unbelief. Since then we are forever increasing the ponds where this little plant reproduces itself in three days; thereafter, pigs, ducks, chickens … and even our fish (Tilapia) love it! I greatly reduces feeding cost … and even makes the duck and chicken meat more delicious.

The Church embellishment continues slowly according to the finances we can spare. The side-naves’ ceilings have still not been completed. Below you may see the rib structure being put in place for the support of the vaulted ceilings. Below too, we have a crypt (five more altars) for priests to be able to offer their Masses.  These are slowly taking shape … each a design of its own.

We set up a “Sta Pamilya (Holy Family) village with 7 beautiful bamboo houses. These now serve to run monthly St. Ignatius exercises. Seven retreatants at a time. It works very well and does not desturb the monastic life of the Brothers.

I will let the pictures below do the talking. Dear friends, please be assured of our Masses, prayers and sacrifices for you and for your intentions. Please persevere in your Holy Catholic Faith …. Whatever may be the future. Remember; “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”


May Our Lord and His Holy Mother bless and guide you always.

Servus Mariae

Fr. C. Daniels