Rosa Mystica Mission 2024

Source: District of Asia

This year, 38 volunteers from all over the world once again responded to ACIM-Asia's appeal to participate in the 17th Rosa Mystica medical mission, from March 3 to 10, 2024. The story is from our special correspondent in the Philippines.

This year at Alabel

Alabel is the southernmost island in the Philippine archipelago. Located east of the large city of General Santos, where our volunteers landed in the early morning of Sunday, March 3, the municipality of Alabel covers an immense mountainous territory where the large population of the Blaan's still lives on their ancestral lands.  200,000 inhabitants live scattered in around 15 villages (barangays, first administrative division of the municipality) perched on the heights of these green tropical mountains, on the steep sides of which crops cling: bananas, corn, coffee, abaca or banana fiber (with 150 uses including the fabrication of the dollar), which provide some meager resources to the families of this tribal community.

March 4, 2024, the caravan sets off in the early morning to cover around forty kilometers in a good three hours! The young volunteers brought medical equipment – medicines, glasses, small surgical equipment, etc. – in dump trucks made available to the mission by the municipality of Alabel, with experienced drivers!  

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