Apostle No. 46 (July 2017)

2017 is the Fatima year. Our Lord wants to use Our Lady to make Her known and loved.
The Foundation of the Militia Immaculatae also took place 100 years ago.


♦ Editorial

by Rev. Fr. Karl Stehlin

♦ St. Bernard Novitiate

The Consecration of the Church

♦ Our Lady of Victories

Bishop Fellay's Visit

♦ Mary's Mission Tour

2000 Km Pilgrimage

♦ Mindanao

The Scapular: The Motherly Protection of Our Lady

♦ St. Pius X Priory

Priory Chronicle

♦ St. Francis Xavier Priory

Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe

♦ Chennai

A Recollection in a Parish Church

♦ Priory of the Most Sacred Heart / Consoling Sisters

St. Joseph Shrine