Apostle No. 49 (July 2018)

♦ Editorial

by Rev. Fr. Karl Stehlin

♦ Our Lady of Victories Church

School Graduation

♦ St. Bernard Novitiate

News from the Brothers' Novitiate

♦ House of Bethany

Brief History

♦ Mindanao & Visayas

Medical Mission & Cebu Pilgrimage

♦ Japanese Missions

Akita Pilgrimage

♦ Throughout the District

Heap of Unsorted Pictures

♦ St. Pius X Priory

Priory Chronicle

♦ Chapel of the Sacred Heart

Corpus Christi Procession

♦ Church of OL of Guadalupe

News from the Gem Island

♦ Chennai

My Encounter with Tradition

♦ Priory of the Most Sacred Heart

The Song of the Scaffold

Visit of Fr. Fortin

♦ Consoling Sisters

Photos from the Consoling Sisters