Apostle No. 51 (March 2019)

Penitential greetings to you all in this holy time of Lent! Here you find a newly formatted Apostle Magazine that has survived its "facelift" recently. The overall plan is to focus on one or two countries in each issue of the Apostle and cover this vast District of Asia over the course of four issues per year...rather than try to "cram" all the news into each issue. In this issue 51 we have tried to turn the spotlight on the interesting apostolate in the country of Malaysia. Some of the articles are historical, some are short snippets of our spiritual work in this enormous field of labor spread over two large land masses (Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia). Hopefully this issue will increase our understanding of the complex and exciting missionary work that is in need of your prayers and support.

  • The Extraordinary Life of Dob Carlos Cuarteron: First Apostolic Prefect of Borneo
  • At the Mission Frontiers: The History and Growth of the Catholic Church in Malaysia
  • A Short History of SSPX in Malaysia
  • The Laughing Flower
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