The Third Order of the Society of Saint Pius X

The SSPX's Third Order exists for the sanctification of the laity by uniting them in a special manner to the family of the priestly society and the graces obtained through its apostolic work.

What is the Third Order?

"Third Order" signifies membership of the laity in a religious order. The laity has always been distinguished from clergy or religious. A third order gives the laity a degree of participation in what is proper to the clergy or religious. 

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The Importance of the Third Order Today

Letter from Fr. Pagliarani on the Third Order of the Society of Saint Pius X

The importance of the Third Order

The Spirit of the SSPX  by Archbishop Lefebvre

A compilation of five articles written by Archbishop Lefebvre in which he outlines to the SSPX's members the spirit of their priestly society.

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What are the Origins of a Lay Third Order in the Church?

If a definition were to be given—a third order is an association of laity who are members in a religious order. It is in this light that Tertiaries are part of the family and truly members of any religious order.

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Application for enrollment in the Third Order of the Society of Saint Pius x

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